Marcin Szeląg

Marcin Szeląg

Job Title


I've spent the last decade investing in B2B Software companies. I was fortunate enough to invest in close to 30 amazing companies across Europe. The experience I was able to gather over the last 10 years covers all areas around SaaS. Acting as a Board Member at several companies, I've seen many things work and also fail. From product, through hiring, to growth, I worked with founders to solve many challenging problems. I like to say that my secret superpower as a VC is the ability to unlock founders to dream really big and swing for the fences.

What do I do at IN

As a Partner, I mostly deal with two activities -> deal sourcing and portfolio management.

What do I like the most about this job?

VC is the best and also the worst job to be in. On one side, you are constantly saying no to founders. On the other side, once in a while you get to say yes and be part of amazing journeys. This emotional rollercoaster is what makes this job unique. The thing I like the most about being a VC is the ability to peak at the edges of new technology and experience what the future might look like.