Maciej Gnutek

Job Title


While I've spent most of my professional career at Innovation Nest, I've been quite busy back on my university days. I've been an advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure of Poland, been a part of the Boston Consulting Group's project support, run a financial magazine startup and been a president of board of a leading capital markets' student organization. That developed my managerial, analytical and soft skills that I take advantage of in my professional career.

What do I do at IN 

Leading fintech, travel tech and enterprise software expertise. Sweet spot in pre-seed and early seed, all across Europe. As most of the born and bred investors, I'm a professional dot-connector, building a network of fellow venture capitalists, corporates and founders that can generate synergies and help you take shortcuts on the bumpy road.

What do I like the most about this job?

Meeting inspiring people, travelling all across Europe, sharing ups and downs with entrepreneurs.