Joanna Stępniewska-Janowska

Joanna Stępniewska-Janowska

Job Title
Head of Platform


Co-founder of Hearty Foundation (organization empowering unprivileged people to break into the tech world) and Social Movers Hub (a company forging purpose-driven businesses from simple ideas).

What do I do at IN

At Innovation Nest, I am helping companies to get to another level with their businesses. On the daily basis it means that I take care of our community, accelerate portfolio internal processes and source useful resources. My responsibilities also cover organizing deals, events, connecting founders with relevant mentors, and supporting communications.

What do I like the most about this job?

What I like the most about working at Innovation Nest is having a contribution into pushing the world forward, by helping people to develop their cutting-edge businesses. I also appreciate learning how to solve problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Last but not the least, I am happy to be a part of a group of passionate individuals who like working and having fun together.